Question: My dream started out with our typical Christmas tradition of hanging the lights. My sister and I were in charge of helping my dad string the lights on the roof, a tiresome job that usually involved a fair amount of profanity on behalf of my father.
My father was mumbling about how much he hates stringing lights, while my sister muttered what a grinch he was and I laughed uncontrollably at this annual occurrence.”Pass me another stupid strand” my dad grumbled to my sister from his position up on the ladder. “Say please,” she demanded back while simultaneously handing him the lights.Since I was essentially useless, I figured I would do something and throw the ball for my dog. After throwing it for her a few times, I got bored and started to not pay attention. On my last throw, I chucked it over my shoulder, accidentally pegging my dad on the ladder. He yelled and warbled for a seconds but regained his balance. “Phew!” I thought.I was relieved a moment too soon though, for my dog in an attempt to chase the ball, slammed into the ladder. My dad went flying off, still holding onto the string of lights, thus pulling them all off. As he crashed to the ground, the strings of lights that he tirelessly put up were in a heap on the ground. I stood there in complete shock, frozen to the ground, as my sister ran over to see if he was ok. “I. Hate. Christmas.” were the only words he yelped. *I then woke up and my dream was over.
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