Question: My child fits many characteristics of ADD at the near age of 5. However, her lack of good sleep at night may be causing these ADD characteristics.
My child falls asleep easily at 7:30 pm. She usually gets between 10-11 hours of “sleep,” waking up independently and in a good mood. She does not fight going to sleep. Typically, she is ready. I allow her to fall asleep on a mattress on my bedroom floor. I could care less if she sleeps in my room until she’s 18. I just want her to get good, restful sleep so that she can function normally throughout her day.She may sleep around 2 hours, then she is awake. I don’t make a big deal about it. I know she can’t help it. I will lay down w/ her, or my husband might lay down w/ her, or sometimes she just comes to our bed and we never know the difference. I have woke up many times and found her just lying there wide awake. She can be a restless, kicking sleeper, but often we’re so tired it never wakes us.I feel my daughter has a lot of anxiety. She often bites her lower lip. She typically has a chapped upper and lower lip. When she stays all night with her grandparents, they will report that she’s awake every hour. I would imagine that’s similar at home too.Toward the end of the day, around 4pm, I have to watch her closely in the car if we are running errands. I do not want her to fall asleep at that time of day! I will keep her engaged in conversation the entire time in the car.My child will not eat breakfast on the days that she has preschool.My child also has some allergies. Years ago, I asked her pediatrician for a script for Nasonex. That has helped my child sleep better. During more “stuffy” times, I will also giver her an over-the-counter Claritin. That also seems to help increase her sleep. She also has a severe case of Urtica. She has seen a specialist, we have kept food journals, to no avail. I’m not particularly concerned w/ how her lack of sleep affects her father and I. Moreover, I am concerned that her lack of sleep effects her ability to attend and learn. We have never had a sleep study. Please help!