Question: My daughter for the past two months has waking up every single night at about 3am. She would call out for me saying she had a bad dream. I would usually comfort her and encourage her to go back to bed. This would lead to tears and then eventually after a yelling match of telling her to go to bed we would allow her to come into our bed just so we could get some rest.
After speaking to our family we decided to put a mattress in our room for her and since then she has been coming in quietly and feeling a lot happier. Background info- she had a sleep test when she was 4 & was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and had tonsils/adenoids removed. The next 6 months she had a repeat study because she was still waking but then from age 5-8 she slept beautifully.Now I am confused as to what the problem is. I am trying to convince myself it is a phase but I am so worried because she is having a disturbed sleep by waking and coming into our room every night and I have to wake her every morning for school. She is quite an emotional girl but we have noticed that she is certainly happier since we put the mattress in our room. My father is unwell at the moment but she doesn’t talk about this but I wonder if this plays on her mind about losing me or her dad?Should I take her back to the sleep specialist or wait until this phase passes?Thank you for any feedbackSigned a sleep deprived mummy as well!Samantha