Sleep is not just that idle time between wakefulness as it was once thought of as. Instead, it’s a period of time full of intrigue and happenings.

Our bodies, under our conscious control or not, can do some pretty remarkable things during sleep. From sleepwalking to talking, from sleep paralysis to nocturnal eating, the sleeping state can be filled with activity.

On the other side of the coin, the times when we want to sleep are not always filled with sleep. Insomnia can make the nighttime an interesting (or more to the point, frustrating) experience.

Not to be left out are the stories of when sleep (or lack of it) has affected our waking lives, in troubling or comical ways.

Stories about sleep are things that we can all relate to in one way or another. If you’ve got an interesting one from your own experiences I invite you to share it using the brief form below. Soon after you submit it your story will be published as its own page on this site, for visitors from all over the web to read, relate to, and provide feedback on.