Question: I am currently 18 and have had this problem of delayed sleep since I was about 9. It has completely ruined my life. I spent most of my days in middle school in detention because I was always late. When I got to high school, it was worse. I basically missed about half of the school days because I couldn’t wake up. My parents would say I was just lazy and was purposely not getting up, but I have never even been able to wake up to an alarm my entire life.
I was in college a few months ago, but that was an overall horrible experience. I was able to get my classes to start at noon, but i found myself missing those by a mile. I even had an office job, but it started at 7 in the morning, so you can guess how that went. my boss kept me on for way longer than she needed to because the few hours I was able to be there I worked hard enough to get all of the work done with time to spare. she eventually had to let me go because I was only there for 2 out of the 7-8 hours I was supposed to work. I am currently jobless and with no life outside of my house. Seems like no one is ever up during my schedule (I sleep from 6-7am to 4-5pm)..This is nowhere near the life I imagined having at 18.