Question: My 8 yr. old son was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea at 2. Doctor did T&A at that time. He cannot relax to go to sleep at night, wets the bed if we don’t monitor his liquid intake and I cannot get him up in the morning for school. I still have to dress him, as if he was a baby. He is so tired.
School behavior in the morning is crying, sick, headache all to my 11 yr. old after I drive away. Help! any advice would be great. I don’t know where to turn.

Answer: Dear Shannon, Thank you for writing in. Based on what your describe, it seems like your son is still suffering the symptoms of sleep apnea after his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy surgeries.The daytime sleepiness and behavior problems as well as the bed wetting both could very well be due to continued apneas during the night. The apneas confuse the urinary system, causing more urine to be produced than would normally happen during sleep, when urinary production is supposed to lessen a good deal. My advice would be to follow up with your doctor (ideally the office that recommended his T&A) regarding these symptoms, in order to seek additional treatment, since it appears like his sleep apnea is still present.How are things going? Are there any updates with your son since you first shared this? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Thanks for your question and good luck,