Question: Hi my name is Ally and I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 5 years now. Throughout these years I started noticing that as soon as he falls asleep he would twitch and jerk until he was actually knocked out. He’s 26 by the way.
Well the past 2 years he’s been waking up frantically. First it just started with him yelling and mumbling. It has certainly gotten worse this past year. He’ll wake up sometimes hiring me by accident and not even realize it until I completely wake him up.It’s even to the point where he’s woken me up telling me that there’s a spider on me and he’s so serious. He’ll tap on the walls and even jump out of bed sometimes and I’ll have to tell him “baby wake up, you’re just dreaming.” I don’t know what to do, it is affecting me and I don’t know what more to do. Need help guys!