Question: I have a healthy sleep habit. I don’t over sleep, and I’m not stressed or depressed. However i have this ‘thing’ that i do in my sleep, that has been the subject of a few conversations?!… I do experience the occasional night terror, twitching and incoherent talking, i have quite vivid and detailed dreams that i can recall in detail upon waking, but the bit that causes my fiance concern is my ability to snap out of a deep sleep and be fully alert/joking/active.
I’m not disturbed in the slightest by my partners snoring, or if he gets up to use the bathroom in the night, I’m completely oblivious. But if a word is whispered, I’m awake. It is literally like a switch has been flicked. Occasionally I’ll experience my body trembling (once or twice tremors, depending on how deep a sleep I was in). Example: I’ve fallen asleep reading, partner kisses me good night, I’m awake, respond, then will continue reading until I drift back off. If I have a bad dream I try to vocalise, which wakes my partner he’ll whisper “sweetheart?” and my response is “am i doing it again? Sorry.” Then I’m awake and have to work on drifting back off.There is no hangover from sleep on these occasions (only in a morning, when I wake by the alarm)! I don’t just fall to sleep either. I have to drift off. If I’m disturbed a few times when I’m drifting, then I’ll not be able to sleep properly (I’ll be agitated)… I’m curious if this ability to wake, and function (it is a FULL awake state, my voice doesn’t even sound sleepy) is normal. If so, what is the name of my little party trick?