Question: I’m married with 3 kids ages 4, 2, and 3 months. I haven’t worked in 3 years and finally got a part time job working 11pm-7am. So I woke up one morning around 7 am to take care of my regular duties for the children and the house. My husband got home around 2:30pm so I started on dinner and got the kids ready and to go to there grandmother’s house for the night (although they didn’t end up going).
I kept saying to myself that I needed to take a nap before work but then my sister had an emergency and wanted to know if I could watch her 4 month old baby so of course I said yes. So no nap for me.I went to work from 11pm-8am (I was dosing off). Went straight home after work started separating laundry got the kids dressed and hair done went to the laundry mat (finally ate some food around noon). Stopped by a couple of stores after laundry was done and my husband made a final stop at kmart around 4pm I stayed in the car because I was too exhausted.I dozed off for about 20 minutes and my husband got into the car and I woke up confused, shaking and my vision was impaired (blurry, black and white) I didn’t know where I was I barely remembered who he was I forgot that I had our kids in the back seat. I couldn’t remember what I had done earlier that day. I began to panic because I didn’t know what was going on. I kept asking my husband “where am I” over and over again. But finally It began to ware off after several minutes. All I could blame it on was a lack of sleep a.k.a sleep deprivation and maybe stress from my daily life with 3 kids under 5 and the new job. Because this has never happened before. All I know is that it scared me to death I felt like my brain wasn’t connecting to my body and maybe I was in the beginning stages of losing my mind literally.So I concluded that my body was awake but my brain was still in a deep sleep zone from being so exhausted. And that’s why I experienced an episode like this.