Question: I have been having these sleep paralysis episodes off and on for many years. The most recent was last night.
I felt an immense pressure over my whole body, coupled with a tingly cold feeling from my head to my toes. I could see a lot of bright twinkling lights in my bedroom. I had a feeling of real fear and dread. I was trying to call to my husband who was right next to me but nothing would come out. Eventually my husband woke me, he said I was crying. My heart was pounding and I had a really bad headache, which I didn’t have before I went to sleep. I was so scared it took me a while to lay down to go back to sleep again. I once had the feeling of someone holding my head down, and slowly putting more and more pressure round my neck as if I was being strangled. My husband suddenly woke me, he said I was screaming and thrashing around and I had my own hands around my neck. If he hadn’t of woken me what would have happened… Could I have harmed myself? The bed vibrating is also another sensation I sometimes have. The strange thing is I think I am awake as I ask my husband if he can feel it too… He always says no, he can’t feel it. So if I can converse with him surely I am awake?Apart from my husband I have never told anyone about this for fear of being ridiculed or laughed at. It happens so often that I am left wondering why is this happening to me? There must be an explanation.Whatever the reason it is terrifying and I wish it would stop.