Question: I was 16, I was already afraid somehow of dying in my sleep, I had begun to see… changes in my sleep that disturbed me. So I told myself that I would just stay awake.
Well, that didn’t work because after a while I started experiencing sleep paralysis even if I just blinked. I would open my eyes and not be able to move at all, not even my lips to whisper “help.” And then there was an electrical tingling that was painful that I was afraid would affect my brain. It was everywhere, even my head. I tried every muscle in my body to get up because not only was I scared, I knew I had to pee. Eventually I moved a finger and was released from my torture. After taking care of business, I told myself that it would not happen again.What I did not know however, was that the next night, I experienced this again, but slightly less painful and thankfully without a full tank. If you know what I mean. This continued on for seven more days, each time somehow the tingling being less painful. I got to the point of saying “let’s get this over with” every night before I closed my eyes. But there was one more night when what happened was completely unexpected.On my tenth night through this whole ordeal I went to sleep as usual expecting but not wanting sleep paralysis, and I sure got it. But what was unexpected was a tickling sensation just as or even stronger than the original tingling. I must admit that I enjoyed it more than I expected and even though I am 21 years old now, I still remember.I’m going to guess that it was actually a signal. Something that had been ignored or forgotten through will had resurfaced and been judged again to be harmless, though when it was forgotten it was seen as harmful or toxic to my psyche… but it is only speculation. I hope I will be able to understand it more someday.