Question: My son wakes up at least 5 times at night every night. I was thinking that he may have a sleeping disorder before I even looked on any site about it. Can he be diagnosed with a sleeping disorder this young?
He does fall asleep on his own sometimes so thats not a problem. He has a bedtime routine… I feed him around 8 sometimes 830 pm, then he gets a bath at 9. Then when I can tell he is getting sleepy I rock him and sing the abc song until he falls asleep.I have no problem laying him down (he does not wake when I lay him in his bed), he does not wake up screaming, he will sleep for an hour or two but usually not even two hours then wake up. Usually I can just give him his sippy and he goes back to sleep but sometimes I cant figure out whats wrong and then after I have tried everything then I try his sippy again and he goes back to sleep but usually if he is fighting it then it takes him a while to go back to sleep.I dont think he is waking up just for the sippy bc if his sippy is where he can grab it and put it in his mouth then he will. But usually he cries everytime he wakes up. Not a terrible cry but he gets a little more than fussy.I also dont think its bc he is in his bed by himself because he does not know while he is sleeping that I’m not right beside him and it’s easy to lay him down without waking him. He sleeps in the room with us with a night light on at all times so if he wakes then he can see me.If anybody has any ideas about this BESIDES get a bedtime routine, make sure he gets enough to eat before bed time, let him cry, and seperation anxiety please comment or reply.