Question: It’s a Friday night, and there’s nothing to do. I ask my friends what they want to do and they say they have no idea. I am clueless as well. As we sit on the couch deciding what to do, the next thing I realize is that we are in the famous MTV Jersey Shore House. Of course since I am dreaming this all seems entirely normal as Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sam, Vinny, and the Situation all walk into the room.
I am shocked to find out that all my friends seem to be well acquainted with the cast and have hung out with them before. They tell us that we have to go out and party with them because it’s the last night in Jersey Shore for them (Side note: I am not from Jersey). As we prepare for what seems to be the most wild evening out ever, all of the normal Jersey Shore routines must be done first, from GTL to T-shirt Time. Sadly, just as I hear Vinny yelling, “Cabs are here!” my memory goes blank and I most likely shift back into another period of NREM Sleep, completely left out of the fun for the rest of the evening.
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