Question: Hello,
My son is 5 1/2 and I can’t count on one hand how many nights he’s been able to sleep through the night. He has several allergies which makes him itchy and has trouble regulating his body temperature. Anyway, every single night he will go to bed (around 7:30-8) and will wake up around 9 or 10:00. I will then take him to my bed where he falls back asleep. He continues to wake throughout the night, but I hold him from itching and he falls back asleep. We have tried several medication to help with the itching and help him sleep but nothing has worked. We are now trying Melatonin and it seems to help him fall asleep but not stay asleep. I am not thinking he has a problem with his sleep cycles since it the same time (1 1/2-2 hrs) every night. Please help…or can you point us in a direction of who we should see. Thank you, George