Question: Well, it seems as if I have had random visits from sleep paralysis in my early life, nothing too serious, maybe once every 5 or 6 months.
As I got around age 17, it started happening much more frequently, around once every month or so, and now at age 18, it happens weekly, sometimes most days of the week.At this point, I have grown used to the feeling, and there is much less panic than previously (researching sleep paralysis also helped lower my panic). I have never had SP while falling asleep, mine has always occurred upon waking, otherwise known as hypnopompic sleep paralysis.While it does leave me feeling helpless, I take solace in the fact that my SP episodes never last more than a few minutes. As far as hallucinating goes, I usually hallucinate that I muster up all my strength and sit up, still unable to open my eyes, most of the time using one of my arms as a prop.The whole event is a big blur every time, and I always find that I did not sit up at all, and am still in fact lying flat, and that’s pretty much it in the hallucination department, none of the other visions I have seen described.Overall, while I do not enjoy sleep paralysis, it is something I can live with, as it is nowhere near as serious as some other medical issues.