Question: As a student athlete here at Stanford, I usually have certain workout days which I dread more than others. This quarter, I particularly dislike Tuesdays and Thursdays because of a 40 minute run we have to do after practice. So last night I had a dream that the team and I were getting ready to go on our 40 minute run at our practice field. We were jogging around the field warming up when all of a sudden the scene changed to a red track and I was staring down at my feet which now had my black track spikes from high school on them. All of a sudden I felt like I could conquer any 40 minute run with my track shoes on! But then Tara, our coach, looked at me and my teammate Elise and said, “Girls, you don’t have to run today. You can carpet Amherst’s (her daughter) room.” Of course I was so stoked that I didn’t have to run, but what an odd request! Then the dream cut to me and Elise in my coach’s house trying to figure out how to piece together random scraps of red carpet and nail them into the floor. Tara had given me a tiny stapler and an apple to do the job saying, “These tools are the only things you will need!” You can imagine our confusion about how to utilize a tiny stapler and an apple to carpet an entire floor. After this, I woke up. Funny thing is about an hour later I received an email from Tara saying that she couldn’t be at practice today because Amherst is sick! Maybe dreams really do come true! 🙂

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