Question: My son had a urine infection and septicaemia at 3 weeks old, he was given strong IV antibiotics that were pushed through fast (I’m a nurse and I know you don’t do this, as it burns when it goes through the veins) He had gone from sleeping 6hrs through to not sleeping at all and being in constant pain, he suffered severe colic as a result of the antibiotics, even though he was breast fed, I guess I was very unlucky with the medical staff I had as no one offered anything for colic.
I was walking for half an hour every 20 mins every night trying to settle him back to sleep because my son just cried and cried. My health visitor insisted on him having his vaccinations too, he had already been given BCG when he was barely a day old, which I believe caused the urine infection and septicaemia. Then his eczema started a month later, and when he turned 5 we discovered he was asthmatic, suffered from hay fever and had a severe nut allergy.At his worst he was up every 15 minutes, because he had gotten used to not sleeping through plus his eczema made him uncomfortable and hay-fever season meant he couldn’t breathe, quite a few nights we spend in the Emergency room with my son on nebulisers because he couldn’t breathe. All this was stopping him from sleeping. But he would wake up hyperactive and full of energy, and he was always smiling.I on the other hand was slowly losing my mind, I put on weight, my skin became really inflamed and scarred from acne I had never had, I became intolerant to certain foods, and at my worst from lack of sleep I could not form sentences and I would just stop physically working, the worst part was I was angry the smallest thing would trigger me, but it took quite a few years for it to become something I felt was hard to control, even now I get angry really quickly because my sleep isn’t back to normal, and
I find it strange that people who lose a night or so’s sleep get really grumpy and I think I haven’t had sleep for 14 years and I get stupid angry but I get through it.Definitely meditation and being aware of myself as well as having a hugely supportive husband have helped, but I also read a lot learning new things to keep my brain going but my physical health was suffering. In contrast my son seemed ok, although he was having trouble putting on weight and keeping his concentration in class, even though he was extremely intelligent. He started putting on weight at 7 yrs old, when he started to sleep better because his eczema was almost gone, and we were working on the asthma and hay-fever.At 14 now you would never know he had had any health problems, but I have noticed for the last few years, mentally he can be extremely acute, but other times when it comes to socialising and saying the right thing, he can’t, furthermore I find he behaves more as a 7 or 8 year old, even though academically he is doing really well. This I believe to be related to his lack of sleep because through alternative therapies I have cured most of his issues but now I find he has nocturnal asthma, and at some point in the night he will need his pump and this is breaking his sleep.I do not know what to do for this at this moment in time and wonder if this has been researched, his eczema is gone, his allergy to nuts is gone, he gets some hay-fever but nothing like he used to and most of his asthma is related to the night. Any further advice would be very much appreciated. Also both my husband and I come from huge families with no eczema, asthma or hay-fever, so I believe this was chemically induced and he was not going to grow out of it, as every year the doctors would say he will grow out of it, but he did not.Thank you.