Question: I’ve been called lazy, pathetic, worthless, and numerous other names throughout my short life by friends, family, gf’s, employers, etc. They always just thought I was lazy, and I believed them.
Ever since I was a kid I always had trouble going to sleep. But I’ve always been told it’s my fault, and if I was strong enough, I could fix it myself. I always just wanted to be normal and not have this problem that ruins my relationships, professional and personal, and I now know the face of the demon thats been haunting me.It feels so amazing to finally know what it is, that’s destroying my life. I literally cried when I stumbled across this info and then looked into it on wikipedia. I can finally stop beating myself up over this. I can actually try to get real treatment for it now. And its so amazing to have people I can relate to.After reading all these stories other people have posted, its like looking in a mirror (I know, cliche) but its true. I hope one day I can finally get past this and lead a normal life so I dont have to go to work as a zombie worrying that I won’t wake up for my next shift and get fired.I’m writing this at 6am when I have work at 11am till 7pm, knowing I cant sleep even though im just now getting tired because I won’t wake up if I do.Thank you all so much for your stories. Im 20, and my name is Daniel. And I can only imagine how hard some of you older folk had it dealing with this a lot longer than me.