Question: I am a 28 year old male and I have been doing this since I have been a kid.
I have been told by my girlfriend and mother and a few friends that sometimes when they try to wake me I sit up or get out of bed and have a cigarette and curse them for things that haven’t happened. Or just curse at them for waking me and have full on conversations for 20 minutes or more, and then my eyes seem to roll back a bit and I just lay back down or fall back like I’m passing out or something.I have no memory of any of this. It has caused many problems mainly because they don’t believe I don’t remember saying these horrible things and it has caused many mornings of waking up to being smacked for saying things I don’t remember at all.I never say bad things like what they have told me I say to anyone let alone my girlfriend and mother. Is this normal or what? They just think I’m an asshole in the mornings but it’s happened for years and I’ve actually lost jobs because I will call them and curse them in the mornings or just get up and unplug the alarm and not remember and not get out of bed until hours after I was supposed to be at work. It’s like I turn into a different person in my sleep