Question: Hi. I’ve been told for decades I talk in multiple languages, often arguing yelling and cursing. I do not remember any of it. I also have night terrors, confused arousals, teeth grinding and I am ashamed to admit I have punched in the face people who share a bed with me. I even experienced sleepwalking before but it was only a one time event. For that one I saw the event vividly and to this day I recall it clearly.
Anyways, I don’t know if depression has anything to do with my situation with parasomnias but if there is any medication (prescribed or otherwise) that helped you please share! Thanks.Also if you’ve undergone sleep study please share what it was like and where you went and how much it cost too. I use Kaiser and I don’t think they offer it. I wish I could do a sleep study so they could help me, these night events are really getting out of hand and I am very afraid it will worsen.Thank you in advance for your help.