Question: I’m a 28 year old female and have been suffering from night terrors and nightmares since as long as I can remember. This might get a little winded so bare with me.
When I was little I used to see frogs (phobic) everywhere when I woke up, it would take hours to actually fall asleep. My nightmares consisted of animals like wolves and bears opening doors and windows which were quite disturbing, all trying to “get me”. Sleepwalking was here and there, that I know of. As I got older my night terrors evolved into demons, people, and animals trying to attack me.After high school is when they really started to get worse. One particular instance I woke up to a nasty looking demon in the corner of my room and a gigantic anaconda snake slithering out from under my bed. This prompted me to try to go out of my 2nd story window. Fortunately I was unsuccessful at getting the notoriously “sticky” window open. Waking up to feeling like something was crawling under me or touching me was/is quite frequent. Most of the time I wake up jumping out of bed from something terrifying and running out of my room, into or over anything in the way. Strange bruises from running into walls and objects aren’t uncommon. My nightmares are always in color and very vivid. I’ve been shot, bitten, stabbed etc, bled, and felt pain. Night terror wise, either one a night about an
hour into sleeping or several all night long…at least once a week or so, sometimes in clusters that really wear me down physically and emotionally.As I get older they are definitely getting more unsettling, trying to go out my window because I woke up and saw the ceiling come down on me; staying awake all night because it seemed like a better idea than seeing what I’d see next because they just wouldn’t stop happening, running to the kitchen for a knife to defend myself. I don’t think I really need to keep going. My point is these are the ones I remember. My boyfriend will tell me stories about me jumping up to standing on the bed fighting something. He’s gotten pretty used to telling me it’s all alright so I’ll calm back down and resume a “sleeping” position.After reading the other comments on here I get really confused about which sleep disorder I fall into. RBD sounds about right but at this point I’m kind of done trying to diagnose myself, I just want to sleep normally, get rid of these bags under my eyes and stop seeing all these horrifying things at night…especially the times I feel the need to defend myself.Any suggestions would help. I’ve set up a consultation with a sleep specialist next week but am pretty freaked about a possible sleep study. Sleeping in an unknown room usually never goes over very well if you know what I mean.