Question: My son who just turned 4 was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He refuses to sleep! It takes several hours for him to settle down enough to go to sleep, and then when falling asleep he never goes into a deep sleep and wakes every little bit.
I am lucky for him to sleep 5 hours total a night. He doesn’t take a nap through the day. We have tried giving him melatonin and Clondine of which neither worked, even having the opposite effect on him.We try to make sure he gets in plenty of exercise throughout the day, has time to relax throughout the day. We have cut out all dyes from his diet and limit his sugar intake. We also don’t allow TV 60 minutes before bed, no stimulating activities 60 mins before bed, and we keep the same bedtime routine nightly. This has been going on with him since turning one. He is so hyper throughout the day and moody, it makes it impossible to do anything with him. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Thanks so much in advance!!