Question: Today I had a dreadful dream. The dream started with me lying in a hospital bed in a large quarantine facility. There were many beds in this place with people occupying them.The people were in agony with IV tubes attached to them. The room must have had about 60 beds each having a person (including myself) suffering from a dreadful and lethal type of influenza. The symptoms were clear and eerily vivid. The weakness, fever, coughing, body pain, vomiting were overwhelming. I then remember walking into a huge bathroom facility with toilets everywhere. No privacy was available. All the toilets were stainless steel. I had the strongest urge to rid myself of diarrhea. I noticed people of all ages, even good-looking women ridding themselves of diarrhea. It was shameful and people were embarrassed, but we had no choice but to use the bathroom and deal with it. I heard people using the bathroom and the loud sound of loose defecation and the moaning of people. It was awful. I noticed myself in my bed surrounded by the others and I was looking out the window into a parking lot. I then noticed a large group of women dressed in uniforms coming into the quarantine facility. I asked one of them if they were here because they were sick, but one lady replied “no, I am here to offer you your last rights.” She then asked me how long do I have left to live. I replied “Only a few days.” At that moment I rallied the crowd to beg the doctors to administer codeine. At that time a wide array of nurses worked to administer pain medication and sedatives to ease our discomfort. Thats all I can remember.

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