Question: My son is 6 years old. About 4 weeks ago he started doing weird things in his sleep. The first night he got out of bed, went to his bathroom and was trying to brush his teeth (It was 1:30 in the morning.) the next night nothing happened. The following night I awoke to him screaming. He was standing in the living room staring at the wall by the front door, screaming “mom, mom help.”
A week later he was at my parents house staying the night. He got up around 2:30, went into the bathroom, got undressed, got in the shower, stood in the water for about 3 minutes, got out dried off and put his pj’s back on. The whole time he was crying.

A week after that he was staying at his grandpa’s house when he woke up screaming. My father-in-law yelled for him to get back in bed. My son laid back down and went to sleep.Last night I woke to my son screaming at 1:20. I got out of bed and found him trying to open the sliding glass door. I got him calmed down and put him back in bed. About 2 hours later I woke to him screaming again. This time he was in the living room standing by the front door. I got him calmed down and made him a bed on the floor in my room. He never got up again.Please help me figure out what’s going on.