Question: I have experienced sleep paralysis since I was a teenager, and I was terrified when it would happen. I learned to try and relax while it happened, telling myself, in my mind, “this will end in a few minutes” and even praying inside. This helped.
Many years later I came across articles of lucid dreaming and realized I have this too, but began to really try and take control.Now, usually when sleep paralysis happens (usually at least once or twice a week), I can tell my brain “this is a dream and it will be ok” and I attempt to take off flying to sort of “prove it to my brain”. When I am successful (I literally fly in my dream and do summersaults etc.), instead of being terrified, I feel total bliss, I fly around and am able to orchestrate the dream so it’s not terrifying. I think maybe I feel terror now in 1 out of 20 episodes of sleep paralysis. I pray before I go to bed so that I will be able to relax when it happens and it will be pleasant.I hope this helps someone, if anything, in knowing more people go through this and you are not losing your mind.