Question: Well it started out as a “I bet I can stay up longer than you!” thing with my friend, Aran, but then after the challenge was completed, I started skipping nights of sleep simply because I don’t WANT to sleep.
I love dreaming but then again i would rather be awake and be doing something for my whole life, actually. But obviously I won’t last that long. 11 days is the max right? Well I’ll probably get that goal many times. I just can’t sleep. I mean, of course I could probably pass out right now since its 3:30am and I don’t even plan on sleeping tonight.I didn’t sleep yesterday night, either. I just sort of HATE sleep now. I’m only 14, just about 15, in high school. It’s also summer which means no school. When school starts again i’m afraid i’m going to keep staying awake and maybe pass out or worse in the middle of class.I don’t know what to do. I mean. I guess I do, I just really don’t want that option. I just want to stay awake as long as I can and pass out asleep when I have to. Then do it again. Is that bad? Will I die? I mean, I have mood swings and hallucinations regularly WITH sleep. I wonder if it would just keep getting worse? I have paranoia, too, so the hallucinations usually scare me to death… Well does anyone have advice? Other than “Just go to sleep”? *Sigh*