Question: I’ve always had sleep paralysis but I just now today discovered what it really was and what it was called.
Well, this morning was different from my other SP experiences. This one was actually really scary. This morning, I was waking up and all, and then the usual symptoms of SP happened, but then I started to feel spirits around me.I couldn’t tell if they were evil or not, but i think they were talking to me in my head. They were also trying to enter my body. Spirits do that when they want more power, so I knew what they were doing but I couldn’t stop it.Then I heard whispering. Well, it was either whispering or muffled voices, I can’t remember. But I remember trying to tell them to go away but I couldn’t talk or even open my mouth to talk. So, I kept trying to tell them to go away in my head, and they did.I think spirits try to get our attention this way, by waking us up like that from our dreams and making us see them and listen to them. I think they just want our attention. That’s what I learned from my experience this morning.