Question: This has only ever happened to me once when I was about 13/14 years old and i was staying at my grandparents house. I’d alwaya been scared of sleeping in that room (I’d watched a few too many scary movies) so that night my grandad told me he’d leave the radio on so that i wasn’t as scared.
Anyway, I remember being woken up by the loudest screams. I tried to jolt up but realised i couldn’t, it felt like I’d been slammed back onto the bed. The radio was at the bottom of my bed so i couldn’t see it. All i could hear was a woman screaming ‘LIAR! LIAR! YOU FUCKING LIAR!’ I was terrified.That’s when i felt the sprongs go down next to me on the bed. a creepy woman with long, black hair was lying right next to me. I could feel her hair on my cheek as she screamed louder and louder through the radio. This lasted for what seems like forever.Somehow i managed to move again and i ran into my grandparent’s bedroom crying and explaining what had happened. They didn’t believe me and said they hadn’t heard a thing, which i found insane because the screaming was so loud it should have been easy for them to hear it from across the hall.So yeah, I’ve finally found out what this was. I’m so glad, I’ve never been able to get over it and now i might actually be able to stay in that room again.