Question: I’m very concerned, however that SP is an attempt by science to explain what it does not understand.
The first time it happened to me was January 3, 2011. I just turned 30 a couple weeks earlier, was on vacation, completely healthy and happy, never experienced sleep problems. I was having a dream that started to turn bad. In my dream I felt that I was being surrounded by something evil and needed to wake up. When I awoke I saw and heard my curtin rod banging against the wall. I could not move or speak. I started praying and it vanished. A couple weeks later I had another experience, although not as scary. Most of the time it is only a presence I feel that comes gradually and then heavy pressure then disappears. It varied in occurrence. Sometimes while completely asleep, sometimes as I was awakening at my usual 3-4 to use the restroom, sometimes when falling back asleep for my morning wakeup. I had nothing in March/April as I began sleeping at someone else’s home out of fear. When I returned to my apartment in the beginning of May, the first night back, it happened again, only stronger than ever before. This time I heard a loud screaming. My eardrum was physically pierced for about a week after. Again, I stopped sleeping at my place. Now, two Monday’s ago it happened in the other place I sleep for the first time. The same thing of I feel it happening, but didn’t recognize it as something scary until all the sudden my entire body felt an extreme pressure. The following Tuesday I noticed a busted blood vessel under my eye lid, that now, a week later is visible in my entire eye. I did not connect the two until I visited an eye doctor this past Monday to examine my eyes, as the busted blood vessel has caused some headaches. She seemed surprised that I haven’t experienced any “heavy pressure” to the head or heavy sneezing. Then I connected the two events. Whatever is happening IS causing real physical outcomes.