Question: I am an adult female, 56 yrs old, experiencing sleep terrors more frequently during times of extreme stress, yet sometimes experiencing them for no apparent reason. The experience has frequently occurred in the past when in a strange sleeping environment. During a sleep terror, I may be semi-awake, absolutely sure that someone is trying to kill me or that I must get out of this place!!! Have sat on the edge of a bed, trying to make sense of my locale in the dark, literally almost jumped out a window after carefully figuring out it was a door (wrong!).
Am very careful to have relaxing time before sleep. Once had night terrors 5 times in one night…thankfully this isn’t typical for me. It’s now been several months.When sleeping in strange places with others, I feel obliged to warn them that, if I seem disoriented at night, please do not come closer to me, but simply talk to me from a distance so I don’t feel like my attacker is moving in for the kill.Have had night terrors since childhood, and was an early and entertaining sleep-walker/talker in childhood.Am interested in more information about whether past diagnosis of PTSD and early childhood trauma contribute to this, as well as hypoglycemia as a possible contributor. Mostly, it would be great to not have this any more, though, as per the title, I can go for long periods without any night terros, then have several episodes in a given week or during a month. Am looking forward to learning more. Thank you!