Question: So there have been a few nights where I find myself sleep talking with eyes wide open but I continue to talk.
For example, I stayed the night at my aunt’s house one night. I remember waking up and screaming out loud that the ceiling was cracking. I remember pointing out to a picture on the wall next to the bed.My aunt apparently woke up and asked me what I was talking about. I clearly remember this but after she asked me that, it seemed like I ignored her and went right back to sleep.Another time the same situation happened, but this was shortly after I moved in with my boyfriend. There is a picture in the middle of the wall above our bed. But this time, I was asking him about my period, again I recall him asking me what I was asking and what I meant, but I vaguely remember the dream. My eyes were open just like the last incident stated before this.This time before I went to sleep, I remember being upset because he couldn’t answer my question and I grunted then roughly laid my head back in my pillow.Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend he’s caught me sleep talking but can’t seem to understand what I say. So my question is, what causes me to be in a dream state, wake up because of my talking, continue to talk, then fall right back asleep?