Question: My son will be two on November 30th and we have been getting woken up by him for about 6 months now every night. He wakes up yelling and crying while he still appears to be asleep. His eyes are closed the majority of the time but sometimes wide oppen stearing straight.
I try to love on him but he just squirms a lot moving around like he is confused. Sometimes he will stand up and get out of the bed and walk in circles for a few minutes and come back to bed while still crying or go lay down in the wierdest locations, such as in the dirty clothes basket, on top of the safe or trunk, ect..I have laid there a few times trying to study his patterns as for I have bad insomnia and have noticed that he generaly sleeps heavy except for some sleep apnea I’ve noticed in which he snores excessively and wakes himself. I also notice he tusses and turns a lot also going from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed regularly.When he wakes up in the mornings he is cranky for an hour or so then iffie for a few hours until he starts to get sleepy again. At this point he becomes a terror, throwing, hitting, bitting, kicking, getting attitudes, agressive with other children, and tempers to the point where he will turn chairs over or throw himself backwards on the floor repeatedly banging his head and kicking. He also seems to get very strong at this point to where he hasturned his train table over, picked up the end of the love seat trying to flip it, pushed the mattress of our bed, ect.. At first I thought it could have been a result of stress from a major auto accident but any more I think it’s something else.I need to know if this is just a pattern of sleepwalking, sleep terrors, or some other sleep disorder and what can I do in the future when this happens?