Question: My daughter is 3 and a half. She goes to bed fine in her room and bed by herself at about 8:00pm but within 1-2 hours has awoken and come into our room. We put her back to sleep in her bed.
Then again in another hour she awakes again and we put her back to bed. Half way through the night we will either let her sleep on our bedroom floor with a blanket and pillow or she will get into our bed, but she still wakes up, but at least doesn’t get us up most of the time.We have finally let her sleep in our room because then she will lay back down when she wakes up and not bother us. She rarely sleeps for more than 3 straight hours. She doesn’t take a nap during the day any longer. If she does fall asleep during the day she won’t go to sleep until after 10:30pm and wakes up soon after. Any suggestions are appreciated.