Question: I started gymnastics a little late… when I was 9. And my first gym was good for beginners that are just being introduced to gymnastics, but not for people who want to compete. I went there for 2 or so years… and I didn’t learn ANYTHING. I was in Level 5 (according to them) and we weren’t allowed to use the vault or the high beams, we couldn’t do any flips, and all we practically did all day were handstand forward rolls. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to get into their team because they don’t teach you the things you need to be in team.
That’s when we found a much BETTER gymnastics place, where I can do flips and handsprings and all that stuff. But not only had I started gymnastics late; I wasted two years doing nothing. So I was behind. I was put into the “pre-team” group, which I guess you can consider an honor, because it’s invitation only. And after the 2 years I’ve spent in that group, I have improved greatly, yet I am still very far behind. My friend’s sister is a year younger than me and got 5th place in a states gymnastics competition. I can’t even do a round-off back handspring… let alone a standing back handspring.That’s when I discovered lucid dreaming. I’m still trying to lucid dream more often, but I know that once I achieve full lucidity at night, I can truly improve my gymnastics skills. Sure, some people think that laws of motion and gravity are different in lucid dreams. But you can use that to your advantage. You have complete control of your dream, so if you wanted to do a back flip, you could do it with little gravity and in slow motion. And if you want gravity and normal motion, then tell your brain that and you’ll get it. Then just call a spotter and work on whatever!I can’t wait to train myself in my dreams. Thanks so much for this article; it has really inspired me, and I hope it inspires other gymnasts too!~A Gymnast

Answer: Our pleasure Samantha. Happy lucidity, and all the best to your effort to improve your gymnastics skills!If it helps, here are two of my favorite lucid dreaming websites: DreamStudies and World Of Lucid Dreaming.

Thanks for your question and good luck,