Question: My son 12 year old son has had problems sleeping since day one! I did have a sleep test done at age 2 but nothing was found.
Right now he is given 10 hours to sleep or more to sleep per night.That mean no screens its lights out. Over the years he has had behavioral problems at home, often sick, and very irritable with mood swings. He does not seem to have energy until after noon and has such a hard time getting up in the morning for school. This effects our family relationships,as well as his focus in school and his grades!Over the last 10 years I have been searching for answers exploring everything from brain function to ADHD, therapy, food, allergies, chiropractic care, ect. Still there are no answers . There must be some reason my son feels this way and I want to make his life easier than this. Could it be possible that sleep deprivation is causing his symptoms?Thank youGwen Foursha