Question: So, I go to sleep early. 20:00 PM
I wake up in the middle of the night, around 2:30 AM.I feel a little rested, so I finish a couple of my songs.I go to sleep around 4-5 AM….I dream that my brother is lying in my bed. He tells me that he could easily kill me, with a smile on his face. This is typical his kind of humor. The chair next to the bed starts moving, and my brother is no longer in my bed.I panic, and run towards the door to my room. It is locked from the inside, which it usually is when I write music. I open it without any problems, and look down the stairs by my room. My brother is standing in his working clothes, and it’s a lot of snow there. He randomly tells me that “We should do something together. I am working a lot next week, but after that…”So… A little freaked out by the room-incident, I go to bed, still dreaming (i think, what my brother said was not typical of him, and the snow in the stars…) And when I “wake up”, it starts. I am completely unable to move.I have read about sleep paralysis before, so I close my eyes to avoid seeing dreadful things. For some reason, my MP3-player is in my ears. I believe it was so while I fell asleep.In the first sleep paralysis, I don’t experience much, as I am having my eyes closed. It felt as if my limbs moved, even though they didn’t. Then it felt as if I was falling (while lying in bed). I heard a
“windy” noise that I think occurs while falling, and the stronger I thought about this noise, the stronger it grew, and the more I felt like falling.I think I got out of it by trying to move extremely hard.I woke up from it into what seemed to be another dream. There was a lot of snow by my window, which was open. There is as I speak no snow outside of my house, so it couldn’t have been snowing.I am having a casual conversation with my brother in this dream, which I can’t remember much of.When I go to bed in this dream as well, it happens again.I am unable to move, my MP3 is connected, and this time, I only hear music. But suddenly, I hear talking in the music, and in reality, the MP3 wasn’t really on. It was a scary voice, and I thought that this was a scary part of the hallucinations that occur while SP is going on. So I tried to turn of the MP3-player, but couldn’t. It felt as if my fingers moved over the MP3, poorly, but it didn’t turn it off. I hear random noises growing louder, and coming closer. I closed my as when I heard paper-rattling next to the bed, as I thought the hallucination (whatever it could take the shape of) was next to me now. I desperately tried to move, and tried moving my body as hard as I could. After a while, I feel my upper body slowly moving forwards, and it feels as if I have fallen through the water. As if I had exited a world, and entered reality.Now I am awake, cheers.