Question: I have always had a history of doing weird things in my sleep, but I’m not sure if they qualify as REM behavior disorder. They happen randomly, but lately small things have been happening to me. To start off with, when I was younger I would sleepwalk and talk frequently. My mom told me I used to go into our kitchen and line eggs up on the windowsill. I would also walk around my room, and when I went camping I attempted to leave the tent.
I am 17 now, and things have gotten a little more weird. I have left my room to stand in the bathroom, and then proceeded to stack books in my family’s computer room. My parents have also said that I had stood staring into their room a couple times, but I don’t remember doing so.Lately, however, I am dreaming in my bed but I know my body is moving as well. The past few nights I had tried to call someone for help in my dream, and I felt my hand raise an imaginary phone to my face, and I heard myself saying “help” and ‘”hello”. I then feel myself awaken and fall back asleep, but every time I look at my alarm clock, it stays at 9:45 am. I have no idea what this means, I even turned the clock on and off but the time wouldn’t change until I completely pass out.Can anyone tell me if this is REM, what I should do about it, or if anyone has at least been feeling the same way as me..? Thank you.