Question: i dreamed i was sitting in the library, just studying chemistry on the 3rd floor of the bing wing (in green) way back in the book stacks. As i was sitting in my seat studying chemistry i caught wind of a horrid stench originating from behind me, so i got up to investigate the cause of such an awful smell. As i was walking down the dimly lit aisles of the stacks out of the corner of my eye i seen a person laying on the ground face down, but something weird was happening to the person. he was slowly sliding out of my line of sight into the next aisle. So as i walked down the hallway near the body of the person, the stench became more powerful with every step in that direction. Also as i walked closer to where the body was i could hear a low growling, kinda like a dogs, but a little more high pitched. As i turned the corner to see where the body had slid to and where the smell was coming from, i seen the most awful sight imaginable. What i seen around that corner was truly a nightmare. The monster was massive with muscles, it was shadowy (almost translucent), it had scars all over its body, twenty eyes (each a different color), and claws as long and sharp as knives. This monster was dragging this person down the aisle to a group of similar monsters near a window. At that time i was so terrified, just at the sight of such a monstrosity that i figured it was best to get out of there. But as i turned the corner to make a break for the stairs, i bumped into a shelf and a book feel to the ground. As soon as the book fell
the monsters snapped to attention and every single one of their eyes fixed on me. Then they emitted an bloody, hoarse, and deathly scream at me. All of them started to sprint after me. i turned and ran for the stairs, but too late!! i felt the legs be kicked out from under me and next thing i knew i found myself on my back staring into a pairs of eyes on the monster that caught me. As the one monster pinned me to the ground with his crushing body, the other slowly and casually walked around me into a circle. Then i heard a low hum coming from their jagged and mishapped mouths. They didn’t say anything, they just kept humming this eerie tune, that got louder and louder till the were screaming it!! once the song had hit its climax, the monster that was pinning me lifted up his frighting arm, with black claws as sharp as razor blades, and dug it right into my chest. I could feel everything. I could feel him break the flesh, i could feel the warm blood gush out of the jagged wound he was inflicting, i could hear the bones crack as he went deeper and deeper. he would twist his claws in my wound and reach farther and farther inside me. All while this was going on i couldn’t move, but i could feel the pain and the beat of my heart. with every beat i could feel more warm blood pouring out of the wound. soon i felt my heart get fainter and fainter, but the fear just kept on rising, with every second that passed by like an eternity. Then before he dug his second claw inside me, i woke up. I woke up terrified and was thankful it was all a dream.

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