Question: My boyfriend usually falls asleep while on the phone, but you can always tell when he is falling asleep. You have to repeat the question over and over, or say his name. He may keep talking, but he always starts talking about his work or some random thing that makes no sense.
But, last night was different. I was talking to him about something for like 25 minutes and he was fully awake sounding. He didn’t take but a second to respond. He never got off topic or slurred his words or anything.Then, today I mentioned something about it and he acted like he never had the conversation with me. Was he just sleep talking??Also, the other day I was leaving his house and he was really tired. Well, I asked him a question and he got really mad at me and started yelling. I didn’t understand what was wrong, so it really hurt my feelings. But, the next day he didn’t remember a word he said. He was standing up and walking when it happened though?? He literally can’t remember any of it. Is this just talking in your sleep?