Question: One of the most troublesome things in my life is my seasonal allergies. Every time I think I have them under control they sneak back up on me and play havoc with my daily schedule. I literally can not sleep at night due to my throat being full of phlegm.
Talking to a few other people, I have gathered that this seems to be the norm with everybody who suffers from allergies of some type or the other.While I constantly take allergy medication to deal with the worst of my symptoms, I still have difficulty sleeping. More often than not, I am so congested while sleeping that I only get two to three hours of sleep. This of course makes my days hard. It is difficult working a fulltime job and taking care of my children when I rarely get rest at night.I began to wonder why my allergies were so bad while at home. Most people seem to experience the worse of their symptoms when they are outside or in new environments. But that’s not the case with me. My husband and I have lived in the same house for going on six years and my nightly allergies only began two years ago.A few months ago I read online that many allergy sufferers had found relief by making use of an air purifier. I was willing to try anything so I quickly got online and begin seeking out air cleaner reviews. I quickly learned that when you introduce this purifier into your home, it will effectively clean the air and remove nearly 100% of all allergens in the air.I quickly compared the price of a few models online and found a reasonable resource to acquire one. I lost no time in buying one and setting it up in my bedroom and immediately began making use of it. The great thing is that within a few short days I was sleeping better at night and my congestion quickly faded away.Now I’m getting my much needed eight solid hours of sleep a night and I honestly feel like my whole life has changed for the better.