Question: In my dream I dreamt that I was sleeping at my gran’s house but my mum’s friend was minding me,I awake in the night and for some reason I was sleeping on the floor,I look up and to my horror I see a man wearing jeans and a tracksuit top with his hood up,and I couldn’t see his face because it was shadowed he had two sharp knives in each hand and he looked like some kind of killer,I try to let out a scream so my mums friend would wake up but there was no sound I tried again but once again there was no sound this killer like person leaned over me and went to stab me with one of his knives and then my dream ended…but this part is weird,randomly it went to some kind of frozen scene almost as if someone had paused a film, this frozen scene shown a small area in my town behind a row of shops with a police car with one police woman and two police men talking,this scene was from about 30 feet in the air like a very low helicopter.Then I awoke.

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