Question: In my dream I “wake up” in my room at my parents house. I realize Spring Break must have started and excitedly get out of bed to start what will inevitably be a day of relaxation. I get to the kitchen and find my roommate there. I ask her what she’s doing and she informs me that she now lives in my house. I tell her she can’t and she states that Peru is too far away for her to travel to all the time to see her family so she’s going to be part of my family now.
I try to explain to her that while she’s nice and a good friend, she can’t just decide to be part of my family. She then informs me that my room is now hers. I go to speak to my dad about it and his response is simply “well… we really liked Peru when we went there” and thus I have a new adopted sister and have to sleep on the couch.
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