Question: I don’t think I have ever had such an appreciation for sleep since giving birth to my son.
In the beginning the sleepless nights were manageable and I find I could survive on a lot less sleep then I had ever imagined. However six months down the line and my son is still not sleeping through the night whichfor me has meant no more than 4/5 hours of sleep a night. I am finding it incredible hard to function overall now. Some days I am so tired I can barely do the most simple of things, such as wash up, make dinner or any other form of domestic chores. The effects of sleep deprivation for me range from mild to moderate depression, eating high sugar foods, memory loss, manic mood swings and very low energy levels. Some days I don’t even know, or should I say can’t remember, what day of the week it is and that is no joke. I am due to return to work in two months and just pray that my son will be sleeping through the night by then. The worst effect of this has been that I no longer wish to have anymore children as I feel I just couldn’t cope with this all over again!