Question: My children have both been good sleepers from birth but recently my 3 year old daughter has been either waking up at 5:30am then waking her 6 year old brother up, or waking up in the early hours 2 or 3 am and coming into our bedroom.
She says she can’t take sleep and needs us. I can’t sleep with her in our bed because she is too fidgety. She also won’t go to bed much before 9pm. So I don’t feel she is sleeping enough for her age. She seems OK but can get very emotional and starts crying for no real reason. She also won’t eat very well. I am getting very concerned now as she is a very bright child but her behaviour is getting terrible during the day. My 6 year old being woken up is now struggling at school. I don’t understand what has changed within her but I feel something is not right. My husband wonders if she may have separation anxiety but she goes to two child minders during the week, one 2 days and the other 3 days, and she doesn’t get upset leaving me. Just when we leave her on the naughty step on her own she absolutely goes mad. If she is in a room and the TV is on she’s fine. I am concerned that lack of sleep is really impacting her behaviour. She used to be a good child, very loving and good. Now she is rude and bratty and does look tired but she just seems to fight it all the time.I am at a loss of what to do and I am concerned for both my children not getting enough sleep. My 6 year old has never been dry at night either and that is another problem we have. Any advise is greatly received thank you. Worried Mum.