Question: My 5 year daughter old is super hyper during the day but upon waking some of her first words are generally “I’m so tired” and she is cranky during the day like someone who isn’t sleeping well.
She snored like a grown man. Her pediatrician referred me to ENT doctor and she was diagnosed with very large tonsils and adenoids. I was assured I would see a difference as they suspected she was not sleeping well due to this.The only difference I see is that she no longer snores and doesn’t toss quite as much. It’s been 3 months since then. She still fights going to sleep and once there, she fights getting up and just seems tired all day, though her body seems as if she has ingested a bucket of sugar.She also complains of stomach ache upon waking and going to sleep often. I mentioned this and they gave me prevacid for her…that hasn’t seemed to help either. What area should I go now?

Answer: Hi Terri, So your daughter had her tonsils removed, correct? This stopped her snoring, you say, but did it stop her apneas? Does it look like she is still having moments of paused or strained breathing during sleep? It is possible to have apneas or hypopneas (shallow breathing) even while not snoring. If she is still having breathing issues, there could be something else that was contributing to it in addition to the large tonsils. Seeing a sleep doctor and possibly having her Apnea/Hypopnea Index measured would likely be a good idea then.Sleep apnea is also linked with pain from stomach acid, although I think that pain is normally experienced in the chest or throat.

Thanks for your question and good luck,