Question: My child turns 6 early this year. She seems to have some kind of movement disorder. She continually moves, it stops her from falling asleep.
We have tried so many methods even giving up and allowing her to stay awake. She would usually be asleep by 11 or 12 pm. She was fine “we thought ok she doesn’t need as much sleep as most kids” but then she started school and I could tell how tired she was or still is.If I lay with her and stop her moving which sometimes I have to put my leg on top of hers to stop her leg tapping. She will do anything to remain awake like wiggle her fingers, toes, constantly blink, sometimes you don’t know she is moving so she remains awake.I have tried kids relaxation tapes and if she does the breathing exercises she falls asleep easily but after a couple of weeks she just wouldn’t do the exercises anymore. Now my current practice is to read her to sleep no pictures and when she moves I tell her to stop. It still takes an hour and a half but she is now asleep at least 3 hours earlier than usual. She still seems tired to me and this reading thing may also only work briefly as everything else has. Any ideas or advice?