Question: This dream is the most vivid dream i have ever had, as well as the most terrifying. It begins at the edge of a clear pond on a clear summer night. the sky is free of clouds and only the full moon is casting its light down upon the crystal clear pond. The water is only about six inches deep, and i am standing at the edge underneath some of the pine trees in the forest which surrounds the pond.
By my side is my father and a silent native american and we all are staring solemnly down at the perfectly round pebbles of all shapes and colors which make up the bottom of this mystic pond. I wade out into the water about twenty feet and it is no deeper for the pond is of uniform depth.I am looking down at the stones when a liquid red light suddenly bathes the water and everything around me. I can hardly describe the beauty of this light, i can only describe that it left no shadows and did not fall upon but instead permeated everything it touched.I turn to the indian and my father with amazement of this light. Silently the indian turns and walks back into the forest, my fathers eyes are looking up above me, and so i turn and look to where he is gazing.The moon is gone now and there are many enormous pentagon shapes which look essentially like nuts (as in nuts and bolts) moving towards
each other. It is obvious that there is a predetermined shape that they are coming together in a chain to form in the sky. I am in awe at the beautiful way that they move together, and at the beautiful red light that is being emitted from them and the area they are forming into.As the shape begins to assemble i realize it is essentially the shape of an eye stalk which is large at the base and gets skinnier as it curves back and then forwards and down towards me. i look back to my dad who is looking at me with eyes that convey there is nothing he can or will do, he looks frightened.I sense the shape of the object (i could sense it before it assembled) and i realize it is coming towards the back of my head. as i realize this i feel myself pulled backwards, but from the inside out. It is as if hands gently reached inside my head and are pulling me up from the bottom of my brain. It does not hurt but i feel intense vertigo and fear and with the adrenaline i snap awake and feel myself fall back into my body.I remained very scared after i woke up, but after the adrenoline wore off i began to realize what a profound dream this was, and possibly almost an out of body experience as well, who knows what would have happened if i would have let the shape take me.
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