Question: I laid down on my friend’s couch in her room during the day. She was laying on her bed watching the movie “Fear” and I fell “asleep” but I was still “awake”, I could see my friend laying down and I could hear the movie.
I knew the movie so I knew what part was on and what was next. I could see my phone on my red sweater beside me and then my blanket started making a vibrating sound and then it covered me and I couldn’t move. It seemed alive and started hitting my ribs and I felt the pain. I was using my arms to try and push the blanket off and next I was sitting up and a woman’s voice (kinda robotic and evil) next to me said “don’t forget your blanket” and it was still daytime so I looked on next to me and saw no one but the vibrating sound started again and I was so scared because I knew what she meant so I stood up and the room turned blue, twilight-like and empty but my friend’s bed was still there.I tried to go toward her door but I couldn’t move. I just stood there and I thought to myself “did I just die on her couch? Am I stuck in this room forever?” I was so scared and made myself drop to the floor and I touched what felt like carpet and started pulling on it but I was afraid to look to see what I had in my hands and then I got back up on the couch and I was laying back down and I saw my friend on her bed and I saw my phone on my red sweater.I was yelling her name or so it seemed and she turned and looked at me then turned back around to the TV. Next I heard her call my name and I woke up and she asked if
I was OK and told me that I was crying and mumbling her name and I told her about my “dream” and she said she turned to look at me but I was sleeping and I told her I saw her look at me.We went to the movies later that day and I did not feel good enough to enjoy the movie tho.When we got back to her place, it was night and pretty late. I was so scared to go back to sleep and told her “what if I have one of those dreams again and I need you to wake me up but you’ll be sleeping, how am I going to wake up?! I tried my best to stay awake.The room was dark with only the TV on and I fell asleep and I already knew I was awake in my sleep. I could see the light from the TV but couldn’t move and a huge dark shadowy figure on top of me. I can only describe it from the movie the grudge (the hair). I was trying to push it away, hit it, basically fighting for my life. I could move my arms and I was also trying to bite it. It felt like whatever it was was going to rape me so I screamed with everything I had and woke myself up and my friend also woke up and I told her what happened and I started to believe I was in some type of horror movie that something evil was with me.We slept in the living room after that and I had a few nightmares after that but nothing compared to the two I had the day before.It’s hard to believe that this is hallucinations from our minds. I do believe it’s something more. I don’t understand why I could move my arms, hands, how I stood up, how I dropped myself to the floor when I couldn’t walk forward.