Question: Hello everyone,
So it is not good to hear all these issues but nice to know I am not alone any more. My daughter that will be 8 has had night terrors many times, wets the beds and also is diagnosed with adhd and is always in trouble in school and never has slept good.Maybe I have not looked at this in the right light, any advice?My son will be 4 soon and he over the last year wakes up every once in awhile and say he is choking and than throws up without being sick. He also has been wetting the bed lately a lot too and about the last year I could count on both my hands how many full nights he has slept through. Any thoughts?

Answer: Hi Jonie, Thanks for sharing your story. Wetting the bed can be a symptom of sleep apnea in childhood, as can behavior characteristic of ADHD. Sleep apnea is a condition where you stop breathing on occasion while you sleep. Snoring often accompanies it (but doesn’t have to) and the apneas look like pauses in the snoring. These pauses cause microawakenings, which can confuse the child’s bladder into producing more urine than it should at night. Do your children snore at all?The choking you describe with your son could also be related to apneas.That is a possible direction to follow and at least become knowledgable about. You can read our section on sleep apnea here. Best wishes, and feel free to update this page with any progress you make.

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