Question: I found myself sitting in a dim room with Werner Herzog, my room mate, various cast members from the hit TV show LOST, and a few other stragglers. We were ruminating on the plot of a new crime thriller that would hopefully go to the Oscars, winning every award imaginable.
All of a sudden, we we found ourselves in a small rural town in Italy, in the town square. There was a large group of peasant villagers. It turns out I was in the film world that my motley crew of screenwriters came up with. I looked up and standing at the balcony was Billy Dee Williams pouring Colt 45 on the moshpit of villagers below. All of a sudden a loud crack of a gunshot went off and Billy fell from the balcony. Some one ran into me, and in the process shoved the gun into my hand. The villagers looked at me, and began to pursue me. I then woke up.
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